Purchased a wig from them, but color was wrong and to much hair at the top, looked very fake. So I carefully took it off immediately and carefully repackaged it in it's original box hairnet and all.

These were their instructions listed in their return policy in order to get a refund. Weeks after the return I get a letter telling me that they can not refund my money because I bought it from a sale catalog? No ware on their web site do I see such information. They will give me credit(minus postage and handling) so I can exchange the wig for another.

I do not want to try another wig from them. I'm afraid that they all are too much hair. Prior to returning the wig I called customer service asking for advice as to another style, but didn't get much help.

When I called them about the letter, the first girl hung up on me. The second call, a girl just repeated the letter.

No satisfaction and I am out my money! Why on earth would I take a chance and order another wig from them?

Now I see other customers with similar complaints about them.

Review about: Paula Young Wig.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Florida, United States #882879

I had been a Paula Young's customer for a long while. The last time I purchased from them was in 2012, due to being accused of purchasing a wig for only $26.00 and not paying for it.

When I attempted to purchase 2 wigs at this time they refused to accept my order, unless I paid for that wig that I did not order, and which I never received!

The nerve of them, when they messed up! And so, I will never be ordering from them again!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #722422

As somebody who has used wigs off and on since the late 70s, when everybody wore wigs, and some people had several of them in different colors and styles, most wigs have more hair in them than a person is used to. About the only way you can get one that meets your specifications is to go to a wig specialist, and a lot of them are human hair which will take more care than a synthetic one.

You could call local styling salons and see if they will cut wigs and if they do make an appointment to go in and see if they can do something to make yours more like you want it. That being said if you do this, make sure it is a salon that you know is good. I just looked in my Paula Young catalogs and right on the order blank it says wigs are returnable for exchange only. Most companies that you order from online and out of catalogs don't return the shipping charges.

I have had three different wigs from Paula Young, two different shades of red and one blonde(my natural color is dark brown,) and haven't had any problems with any of them.

Another thing the description in the catalogs tells how long the hair is on different areas of the wig.

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